PRESS (2015-2018)


“THE BURNING DAWN” – released November 27, 2017 – featuring Cody Carpenter, Tying Tiffany, Tobias Bernstrup and Trevor W. Church, the LP has ranked #20 on TomorrowHitToday’s TOP 20 of 2017, #16 on’s TOP 17 of 2017 and #2 on the TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR according to “Immaginario horror, ritmi dance anni ’80, slanci pop e ospiti d’eccezione… sprofondare negli inferi ballando insieme a Tying Tiffany.”


“Stupiscono i virtuosismi sintetici horror-prog o le incursioni in un ambient-dark cadenzata, ma è la qualità e la potenza dell’insieme a descrivere vividi e perturbanti incubi contemporanei: The Burning Dawn è il colpo di maestria…”

“Il John Carpenter sardo confeziona un album horror/synthwave ballabile, cantabile e prodotto perfettamente…”

“Melancholic yet brimming with a hypnotic sexual tension…”

“A mesmerizing final chapter in a trilogy of fantastic records…”

“Deliciously danceable, hauntingly sensual, perfectly crafted to score your next languid horror feast…”

“A delectably dark offering – CONFRONTATIONAL’s best work to date…”

 “An amazingly diverse, nostalgic and sinister sound that would be perfectly suited to an epic screenplay…”

“C’est beau, et tout ce qu’on a envie de faire, c’est d’être aux côtés de CONFRONTATIONAL et réécouter cet album ensemble, encore une fois…”

“Ci trasporta con la mente, prestandosi a ideale colonna sonora, nel preciso momento in cui il villain di turno entra in scena pronto a mietere vittime…”

“Every CONFRONTATIONAL album is like classical movies: you have to listen/see them several times to catch their secret meaning, and every time you discover new qualities…”

“Una deserta e oscura Cagliari post-olocausto batteriologico con la Sella del Diavolo sullo sfondo, pronta ad accogliere l’alba infuocata…”

“A fusion of synthwave, darkwave & metal elements into a sound perfect for film scores and dance floors…”

“Vendetta здесь как чистый кровавый ужас — тяжелый, гнетущий dark ambient, переходящий в такой же synthwave с леденящими кровь клавишными…”


“KINGDOM OF NIGHT” – released October 1, 2016 – featuring Cody Carpenter, Hélène De Thoury, Tony Kim and Ugo Laurenti, the LP has ranked #8 on the TOP 50 ITALIAN ALBUMS OF THE YEAR according to “Nove brani dall’intensità sconvolgente che giocano sull’aumento del ritmo, sul battito cardiaco, l’accento sulla melodia alla ricerca dell’anthem crepuscolare.”

“A magnificent duel of fates – It’s a movie you’ll want to hit repeat on. CONFRONTATIONAL deserves the placement among heroes: his creations are well informed and intentional, each one a true love letter to Italian horror and the classic dark wave genre…”

“At minimum, horror and thriller directors need to wise up and retain Usai’s services to score their films. Usai and his CONFRONTATIONAL are the real deal. It’s about time people got on board. That he seemingly taps into the dark history of Sardinia is an added value…”

“Un punto d’incontro spaventoso tra i Cure di Pornography e i Nine Inch Nails di Pretty Hate Machine…”

“Un’orda di incubi fuoriusciti dal vuoto, catapultandoci all’interno di un universo parallelo dominato dalle ombre, dove nulla è dettato dal nostro volere ma strumentalizzato dai bassi istinti. I Depeche Mode più malvagi della storia..”

“Wistful and anthemic 80’s synth-wave nostalgia…”

“KINGDOM OF NIGHT will stir into your very subconscious…”

“Merciless beats, unbelievably catchy choruses, memorable hooks…”

“Magnificently priming up the listener with delightful energy and darkened spirit for the blood-drenched dance floor…”


“A DANCE OF SHADOWS” – released October 1, 2015 – featuring Cody Carpenter, Monte Pittman and Darren Travis, the LP has ranked #3 on the TOP 10 TRACKS OF THE YEAR (“LIKE A CURSE”) and #9 on the TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR according to “with A Dance of Shadows, Confrontational manages to assert himself a unique author with a story of his own as he boldly lets go of the subgenre cliches and replaces them with his own personal expression.”

“As if GOBLIN had THE CURE’s Robert Smith on vocals…”

“A total throwback to the electronic-inspired scores of the 70’s, it pulsates and crackles with infectious energy, creating the perfect backdrop to a giallo slasher nightmare that stains the walls with bright red blood…”

“CONFRONTATIONAL brings the darkness for your ears with lead synths by Cody Carpenter – prepare yourselves for awesome vibes…”

“A few notes into “A Dance of Shadows” and you already feel as if you’re walking down Elm Street on a cool fall evening as CONFRONTATIONAL’s understated beats, smooth bass and undulating synths make the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight…”

“Featuring a cameo by Cody Carpenter, it’s a nightmare in slow motion unfolding before the eyes of the viewers…”

“Mastermind Massimo Usai is charting a dark yet infectious course for the dance floor, with a cover art from Branca Studio and a sound akin to the best 80′s horror and action soundtracks…”

“Heavy and ominous, a set of tracks that will evoke images of both the dance floor and the horror movie screen – I give A Dance Of Shadows 9 stars out of 10, because it not only shows growth, but also a really polished sense of purpose – Confrontational intends to confront you, and what he will show you may frighten you… but only until you come to love it for the art that it is

“After highly positive reviews in the synthwave and dark music press and a phenomenal live set last October at France’s Synthzilla Music Festival, CONFRONTATIONAL continues to pick up momentum…”
Monte is featured on the new CONFRONTATIONAL album – feature article
…he came up with some really perfect riffs and one hell of a soaring solo for “Like A Curse”, turning it into an instant favorite…

“Melodie ombrose immerse tra schermaglie accattivanti di tastiere, il moog che sgranocchia i talloni, l’incedere da dancefloor calpestato col ghigno insidioso, insomma un tuffo carpiato all’indietro nel neon amniotico degli 80s…”

“Confrontational use de sonorités vintage, ces sons associés aux années 80, dansants et cosmiques, se fondant sur la solidité d’une boîte à rythme pour l’étoffer d’un manteau de nappes comme issues d’un film d’horreur ou de science-fiction. Mais contrairement aux risques encourus du cliché, Confrontational allie l’ambiance et la danse, l’électro et la guerre…”

“I can already imagine that upbeat tracks like “Shadowdancing” and “You’ll Be Mine” could find a welcome home in a dance club as standalone tunes – this is no ordinary album and Confrontational is no ordinary band. It’s a violent scream, a staggering silence, and a smirk upon your lips. It is completely infectious…”

“The feeling of obscurity, fear and inner pain are vividly portayed in “Forsaken” and “One Last Kiss” – for the contrast, Confrontational is not afraid to step into the realm of more eerie, danceable and incredibly catchy tunes, such as “You’ll Be Mine”…

“An accomplished début that will thrill soundtrack aficionados and lovers of electronic music alike. Confrontational makes tunes for the movie inside your mind – it’s a sonic trip well worth taking…”

“Это прекрасный образец dark retrowave-направления в музыке, который не только перенесет вас в атмосферу мрачнейших фильмов ужасов 80-х, но и заинтригует интереснейшими коллаборациями…”

“DONE WITH YOU” – released February 2015 – had NOISEY premiere the title track together with an extensive interview by Joe Yanick: The EP opens with “Wanderer of Darkness,” an amazing track that is very reminiscent of the soundtrack work of someone like John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream. So much so that I was actually surprised to hear vocals in the second track…