* release date: FEBRUARY 13th via soundcloud / bandcamp *

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“The old ways stopped working, so I became CONFRONTATIONAL.”

After coming to terms with the break-up of noise rockers RECS OF THE FLESH and the indefinite hiatus of dark-wave experimenters DAHLIA INDACO, main man MASSIMO USAI took some time for himself in January 2014 to craft brand new songs from scratch, with the purpose of giving birth to a new sonic entity. Having worked as a remixer/producer on bands such as industrial metal legends PRONG, electronica makers OLD SPARKY and techno-rock newcomers I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME (as well as having spent some time in the studio with the pioneering KILLING JOKE during a stint as assistant to sessions at FAUST RECORDS in Prague), USAI focused on bringing together a melodic approach to aggressively catchy tracks, aiming to the heart & head of listeners. The results – filled with layers of synth, lush guitars and pulsing beats – perform as a statement to the vision he is after.

“I wanted to freely combine influences ranging from THE SISTERS OF MERCY to MICHAEL JACKSON, from MIXHELL to PLACEBO, from JOHN CARPENTER to SONIC YOUTH, from JOHNNY MARR to FILTER and beyond. Being open to all of this inspired me to reach out for places I’ve always wanted to research, soundscapes I’ve always wanted to explore.”

With a number of new tracks ready (refined with the aid of mixing wizard DEREK SAXENMEYER), his goal is now to explore the network of contacts he developed over years of work as a sound-engineer, and actively tour over EUROPE and U.S.A. through the help of long-time friends, like-minded bands and fellow supporters.

“I am extremely excited to finally pursue this direction, and can’t wait to get on stage with the incredible performers  I’ve met around the world over the years: this time it’s beyond personal – it’s about turning negatives into positives, giving all there is to give – it’s about blind faith, if you believe.

DONE WITH YOU will be released online on February 13th via, and the instrumental opener “Wanderer Of Darkness” will be streaming exclusively on starting on February 6th!